Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regis and Kelli!

Hey I guess I'm a show biz mom. I got a call from the Regis and Kelli Show people in New York. They want to talk to me about my boy. I answered a request for "Whiz Kids" by sending a photo of Lisan sculpting. They called today and I was so excited I hung up on them. (actually it was a message from them.) I'll call them tomorrow when I'm not so worked up!


  1. This is so exciting. Great job Lisan and Mom.

  2. Dana I cannot believe how old your children are. All I can remember is when they were young. Post a picture of Christy on you site so I can see her. I am so excited about your Appearance on Kelli and Regis let us all know when it will be your Boy has grown up and is so talanted! how proud mother and father would be of you and your family as we are.
    Love Melinda

  3. Ditto. I'm thrilled for you.